The P.A. Gun Club features three trap houses (Pat Traps) for shooting. Typically Traps 1 & 2 are used for shooting 16 yard, Handicap, and Doubles. Trap 3 is usually used for shooting Continental. For those that may not be familiar, Continental is shot at the 17 yd. line, with the machine oscillating and throwing targets higher and lower, and more extreme left and right than regular Trap birds. The shooter gets two shots at each target, making it a fun shoot.

The Club has all automatic trap machines,  with cordless voice-activated speakers on each of the 3 trap fields.

We also have a 5-Stand setup utilizing ten machines allowing us to throw a variety of presentations, and game cards for all abilities including combinations with singles, report pairs, and true pairs. The presentations including going away, crossing left, crossing right, incoming, rabbit, teal, and OVERHEAD going away. Coming soon - covered roof for
5-Stand shooting area!

Two gazebos behind Traps 1 & 2 provide some shelter. There are also benches and gun racks distributed among the fields for the comfort and convenience of our shooters.

Our club house is a hub of activity, where reloading supplies can be purchased, as well as shells. Here we get squaded for everything but 5-Stand. It's a great place to socialize and watch some of the shooting activities in progress. A wood burning stove heats the place up nicely and we have a kitchen where lunches are prepared and available to our members on Sundays. And yes, we even have "indoor plumbing", i.e. restrooms!